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Important Information about Lien and Purchasing Real Estate

It is highly recommended when purchasing property to have a proper title search completed by an Attorney that specializes in Real Estate or a Title Company.  If you are getting a loan to purchase the property, the Lender will generally require a title search be done prior to lending money.  Although the Recorder’s Office can assist you on how to search or access the records we cannot perform searches for you.  Some types of State and Federal Tax Liens, Judgement Liens from the Courts, Delinquent Real Estate Taxes and Assessments are not recorded in the Recorder’s Office. Those records are kept by the Clerk of Courts or the County Treasurer. Liens are not the only issues that can impact your ownership and enjoyment of Real Property.  A Title Search can uncover other issues such as Right of Ways, Easements crossing the property, Mineral Rights, Oil and Gas Rights, Water Rights, and other Restrictions on the use of the Property.  Even if you are a cash buyer protect your investment by having a professional research the records for you.  As a County Recorder with almost 28 years of recording experience and a background in Real Estate I would never buy any property without having a Professional Title Search done by a Title Company or an Attorney whose main practice is in Real Estate.

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