School District Income Tax

There are 2 school districts in Ross County that levy an income tax in addition to property and other taxes. These districts are the Union-Scioto Local School District and Zane Trace Local School District. Any individual or estate that receives income while a resident of these districts is subject to the tax. A general description of each tax is below.

  • Union-Scioto Local School District
    District Number: 7106
    Tax Rate: 0.5%
    Tax Type: Traditional (all income taxed)

  • Zane Trace Local School District
    District Number: 7107
    Tax Rate: 0.75%
    Tax Type: Earned Income (only employee compensation and net earnings taxed)

The State Department of Taxation collects and administers income taxes on behalf of school districts. Thus, returns are filed with them the same as state income tax returns. The Department offers free electronic filing and payment options through its Online Services.

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